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This American Life Videos 4 U: I Love You
This American Life Videos 4 U: I Love You's 5 Word Speech


  • Expect for it to be really really hard. And keep working to make it as good as it can be.

  • More Than 5 Words

    Describe your nominated project—give us your elevator pitch.
    In Videos 4 U, we find someone who needs help saying something and make a video to help them say it. The first video of this series, I Love You, helps a woman named Maia say I love you to her boyfriend for the first time after eight years of dating.

    What inspired you most while working on this project?
    I was curious about using my film and radio skills to send messages and fulfill a practical purpose. I also love reading and writing letters, so I wanted to try making a video letter.

    What made your work unique and how did that present obstacles for you to overcome?
    In this project we were working with our subjects much more than we normally do, to make it feel like it was in their own voice. It’s also challenging to present the videos to the person it was created for in the right way, so that it doesn’t feel like we’re making their lives into a spectacle.


  • Director
    Bianca Giaever
  • Executive Producer
    Ari Kuschnir
    m ss ng p eces
  • Exec Producer
    Ira Glass
    This American Life
  • Additional Exec Producer
    Brian Latt
  • Additional Exec Producer
    Kate Oppenheim
  • Head of Production
    Dave Saltzman
  • Producer
    Stephanie Foo
  • Producer
    Jonathan Figueroa
  • Animation
    Jordan Bruner
  • Director of Photography
    Alex Stergiou
  • Director of Photography
    Minka Farthing-Kohl
  • Production Designer
    Esther Hayes
  • Editor
    Kelly Brickner
  • Editor
    Will Kanellos
  • Additional Music
  • Original Music
    Vaden Lewis / The Toadies

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