The Webby Awards’ famous “5-Word Speech” keeps our celebrations vibrant and exciting. Below are winner and special achievement speeches from the 20 years of Webby celebrations from the old days in San Francisco to more recent shows in New York City.

Special Achievement

Lifetime Achievement
The Onion: "Wow. You guys love websites."
Entrepreneur of the Year
Jessica Alba: "Guts. Heart. Passion. Drive. WiFi."
Special Achievement
Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner: "Is Drake in the house?"
Social Movement of the Year
Black Lives Matter: "Stay turnt! Black lives matter."
Agency of the Year
R/GA: "I’m straight out of words."
Film & Video Breakout of the Year
Making a Murderer: "The story is not over."
Artist of the Year
Kanye West: "I can’t stand short speeches."
Best Actress
Krysten Ritter: "Thank you, thank you, thank."
Break the Internet Award
Kim Kardashian West: "Nude selfies til I die."



Social Media
Tumblr: "Now I feel like Pablo."
Zach Ogaard: "Shout out my homie ketchup."
Personal Blog/Website
Natalie Sun: "Beat cancer, got a Webby."


LDC: "Proud to receive this award"
Humor "Cracked is, uhhhh, line? Dude..."
Creuna: "Lyderia mission and challenge complete."
Justin Hook: "Thanks for not suing, Google."
The Players' Tribune: "Do we all get rings?"


Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics
GIPHY: "I'm overcome with emotion ya'll."
Best Visual Design - Function
WIRED: "Wired has THE best words."
Technical Achievement
what3words: "Absolutely everywhere has an address."
Best User Experience
Work & Co: "2008, 2013, 2014, 2015 5-peat."
Best Use of Video or Moving Image
Reuters TV: "News doesn't have to suck."
Best User Interface
Reuters TV: "News doesn't have to suck."


NBC News: "Because supporting students takes everyone"
PBS KIDS: "Won't you be our neighbor?"
Clubhouse Studios: "In other news, we're hiring."


Food & Drink
Yummly: "We're kind of big dill."
Professional Services
Work & Co: "Nothing like designing for yourself."
Corporate Communications
Hello Monday: "Everyone deserves freedom of speech."
cake-factory: "Another gin and tonic please."
Consumer Electronics
Google: "The next google device is..."


Smithsonian Enterprises: "Smithsonian, come feed your brain."
Movie & Film
MediaHound: "Thanks, yea, we're raising money."
The Intercept: "Access to sources, not power. "
Cultural Blog/Website
VICE Media: "Kanye - *smooches-Webby* fuck that’s delicious."
Media Streaming
HBO: "You win or you die."


National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World: "We're planning your next getaway. "
Employment "Best employment site once again."
Real Estate
Zillow: "These prices are so inflated."
Financial Services/Banking
Wealthsimple: "Trudeau, Drake, Wealthsimple. Canada, eh?"


Corporate Social Responsibility
IBM: "Let your computer daydream science!"
Government & Civil Innovation
NASA/JPL: "Rockin' and rovin' on Mars."
Corporate Social Responsibility
Tumblr: "Your stories are changing lives."
Yeloha- Online Solar Sharing Network: "Here comes the sun, cheers!"
SocialExplorer Inc.: "Data nerds do it graphically."
Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit
Futures Without Violence & Ideas In Digital: "Respect nonviolence. That's so cool."
Cultural Institutions
Museo Nacional del Prado: "Web is the new canvas."
iSynergy: "Kanye can't interrupt my speech."

Advertising & Media

Health, Wellness, Pharmaceutical
Serviceplan / Plan.Net: "Imagination is greater than detail. "
Social Media Campaigns
Ireland/Davenport: "Great ideas don't need visas"
Best Use of Mobile Media
Instinct (BBDO Group): "I made this dress myself."
Health, Wellness, Pharmaceutical
MEC: "Sugar is the new cancer."
Auto & Auto Services
Team Detroit: "Detroit Michigan for the win."
Food & Beverage
OgilvyOne Athens: "Telling love stories is devine."
Display & Banner Campaigns
Pixelette Studios / BBC America: "Stop and smell the pixels."
Best Use of Data Driven Media
W3haus: "Racist trolls, you can't hide."
Financial Services & Insurance
McCann XBC: "Can we get a dog?"
Public Service & Activism
Federation for Internet Alerts: "Together we can save lives."
Experience Marketing
McCann London: "Don't concentrate on your finger"
Integrated Campaigns
BBH NY: "Thanks from BBH New York."

Online Film & Video

Drama: Long Form or Series
Trek Continues Inc.: "Live long and, yah know..."
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: "Everyone can dream and win."
Fashion & Beauty (Channel)
British Vogue: "British Vogue keeping it 100."
Video Remixes/Mashups
AnimalRobot: "Bit torrent is real democracy."
Conde Nast Entertainment/GQ: "Conde won't pay for travel."
Documentary: Individual Episode
Vanity Fair: "Keeping secrets is still possible."
News & Politics: Individual Episode
The Guardian: "They walked, I filmed. Bye"
Web Personality (Channel)
Advantage PR: "Monkey covering eyes emoji. Thanks."
Best Writing
First Printing Productions: "Tonight we're all Kim Kardashian."
Travel & Adventure
Fusion Network: "From farm to Webby...Thanks!"
Documentary: Series
Tastemade: "Kim's early work? ...but food."
Best Individual Performance
CollegeHumor: "We got FLOTUS to rap."
How-To & DIY
Pereira & O'Dell, New York: "Open on a Blinking Cursor"
Comedy: Individual Short or Episode
The Simpsons: "Thank you Donald Trump...asshole"
Best Editing
DC Shoes: "Succeed or fail. But try."
Entertainment (Channel)
CBS Interactive: "I am very grateful...grapefruit"
Variety (Channel)
CBS Interactive: "I am very grateful...grapefruit"
Pereira & O'Dell: "Thank you, this is wonderful"
Drama: Long Form or Series
Refinery29: "Listen to the pussy."
News & Information (Channel)
AJ+: "All up in your feed."
News & Politics: Series
AJ+: "Seas shouldn't be mass graves."
Best Use of Interactive Video
Verse: "Use VRSE, win a webby."
Documentary: Series
redfitz: "Bring light to the shadows."
Long Form
VML: "We're honored and humbled. Cheers!"
Whirled: "The Constitution grants'em that right."
Entertainment (Channel)
The Hollywood Reporter: "The internet adds 10 pixels."
Public Service & Activism
DDB Argentina: "Internet connects us, Trump doesn't."
Sports (Channel)
Bigballs Media: "Football is nothing without fans."
Events & Live Webcasts
VRSE.Works: "This one’s dedicated to Andy."
Animation (Branded)
Goodby Silverstein & Partners: "Dream until it comes true."
Art & Experimental
Goodby Silverstein & Partners: "Live in one dream now."

Mobile & Apps

Services & Utilities
Service: "Never wait on hold again."
Hopper: "Save money with the bunny."
Critical Mass: "Walk safely, they can't. Sweeper."
Family & Kids
Minilab Studios: "MiniLab makes screen time matter."
Playdots, Inc.: "Make time for play."
Food & Drink
Yummly: "We're kind of big dill."
Real Estate
Zillow: "These prices are so inflated."
Real Estate
Zillow: "Apartments cheaper than Hamilton tickets."
HelloGiggles: "Thank you, thank you, thanks."
Hampshire College: "Fuck mediocrity. Make great. thanks!"
Services & Utilities
Milkshake Studio: "Stay creative New York City."
Best Use of GPS or Location Technology
what3words: "Absolutely everywhere has an address."
Financial Services / Banking
Intuit: "Death or taxes? You decide."
Integrated Mobile Experience
Ogilvy & Mather Group HK: "Our greatest contribution to mankind."
3 SIDED CUBE: "Ordinary people can be heroes."
Expedia: "Here's to another 20 years."
Best User Experience
Tinder: "We super like you too."
Best Use of Mobile Camera "Woof woof woof woof woof!"
Her Story: "Hard narrative, nonlinear work is..."
Best Practices
iconmobile group & United Nations World Food Programme: "Together we can end hunger"
Fashion & Beauty
Fab: "Fab is the new fab."
Marvel Entertainment: "Thanks true believers! Nuff said."
Best Streaming Audio
Spotify: "Algorithms are made of people."
Connected Products & Wearables
Phenomenon: "Sometimes disruption just takes balls."
Best Podcast
Radiotopia: "Always read the plaque."
Best Streaming Video
HBO: "We're pretty, pretty, pretty grateful."


Public Service & Activism
LDC: "Water crisis is over."
Culture & Lifestyle
Los Angeles County Museum of Art - LACMA Snapchat: "All I Do Is Win!"
Corporate Communications
Wieden+Kennedy: "Old spice 3, Kanye 1!"
Golden Gaytime Ice-Cream Tub Project: "I think I just sharted. "
MapQuest: "We're making Mapquest great again!"
Best Photography & Graphics
BBC Worldwide Digital Studios: "Here's to animals and Attenborough."
Serino Coyne / Tony Award Productions: "And 5, 6, 7, 8!"
NBC Entertainment: "Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall!"
Best Customer Service
Spotify: "Never gonna give you up."
Education & Discovery
Ogilvy New York: "Work hard, but play harder."
Public Service & Activism
john st.: "It's nice to be nice."
Best Photography & Graphics
Jimmy the Bull: "The dog ate my speech."
Promotions & Contests
Publicis NA: "Who wants to hire us?"
Goats of Anarchy: "Goats just wanna have fun."
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